Byron's Buzz

Yo Yo Yo, what is up everybody?  What a great time we have here at FBC Clyde. Our student ministry has flourished over the past few months and all the glory goes to God.  I want to take a moment to let everyone know what we have been studying.  We have gone in depth about the process of being a disciple of Christ, the everyday decisions that must be made in order to grow closer to Him.  With the understanding that we will never attain our goal, but that Christ died on the cross so that our shortcomings are forgiven; we can live in peace.  I encourage each of you to approach your relationship with Christ in this way, knowing that you will fall short but continuing the effort each day.

I want to take a moment to welcome our rising 6th graders to our youth program.  The path has been paved for you to enter into a vibrant youth group that will enhance your spiritual walk with Christ.  We welcome you with open hearts and open arms and look forward to working along side you to worship Christ and to love His people.  We will have a separate middle school class for Sunday School on Sunday mornings and we will all remain together for Sunday evening and Wednesday activities.  I think you will enjoy our youth ministry and we welcome you!