Children's Programs

Local Mission Opportunity - Clothes to Kids of Haywood County

This organization donates to families with school age children and teenagers, a wardrobe of school appropriate clothes.  CTK works closely with the social workers in our public schools to determine families that are eligible for these donations.  Clothes donated to the shop are attractive, clean, in very good condition and school appropriate!  They are located at Lake Junaluska.  For more information, call 456-8990.

Volunteer Opportunities:
In the Store (training sessions required)
Back Room: Join our 'work day' crew.  We sort, hang and stock the store floor.
Personal Shopper: Join a team that works closely with each family that comes to our shop.  Help the children and youth find their particular sizes of clothing during their visit.

Outside the Store
Fundraiser: Help groups organize fundraisers
Booth Sponsorship: Set up and 'man' booths at community events so that more people can learn of this great charity!
Speaker: Become a community spokesperson for Clothes to Kids.  We are available to speak to your organization!

R.A.'s and G.A.'s

As part of Children's Ministry Day, the RA's and GA's will be collecting stuffed animals to give to our Police Department.  The police keep stuffed animals in their patrol cars to give to children in stressful situations.